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Do you want a higher company valuation? Make use of your data.

Company value

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Imagine two scenarios: You can partner with or buy a company where the value is in the data, or you can go with a company with poor data structure.

This is an easy choice, well managed data is easy to share, maintain and transfer. Workflows based on data are transparent and collaborative. The alternative is a cloud of powerpoints and pdf's which won't be read.

And how do you know who has good control of their data? Just think of the last time you asked for a shared dataset in a partnership. Did you hear a lot of excuses, or were they able to share? Hint: with good data structure comes insight to and a split of sensitive and insensitive data.

You would partner with the company who knows how to manage their data, and that is why the Pro Well Plan platform adds significant value to an oil company of any size.

Are you curious to more details about how you can improve the company value? Keep reading, we're happy to share.

Improve company value

Improve Company Value

The value of data comes through multiple effects on the company:

  • More usage of data in decisions
  • Stronger and transparent decision processes
  • More data generated from planning

Let's start with usage of data in decisions. With our platform, you can work with all the corporate and local data of your company. Everyone shares and improves the same data. We train your teams in making decisions based on data, and build internal routines for reporting dubious data and improving data.

When you plan wells with our platform, we guide you through the process, and we let you document the decisions you make with real data. Through crowdsourcing ideas from all our customers, we have the best and most modern workflows to well planning. We integrate to all your favorite applications, so you don't gamble on file transfers.

An important bonus you get from working in the platform which also does reporting is that you generate so much more data when planning than in the traditional workflow. You easily generate 10 times more data than when working with spreadsheets and documents, because the platform encourages prototyping and stores all your data. All this data can be reused for the next well or in a well review, giving the learning curve of your company a real boost.

What you get

Strengthen the Decision Process

As a bonus to the added value from data management, you get a collaborative decision process, which ensures consistency and quality across decision gates. With our platform, you don't have to worry about bringing in new team members across decision gates, the personal interface let's one expert pick up where the previous left off, without reading reports or starting from scratch.

Decision process

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