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The value of a strong offset review

The offset analysis is an up-front investment that guides you through the well planning process.

Offset review
Remember that well where we kicked off shallow?
What is our minimum casing design?
What was the mud weights of our previous well?
Exiting salt in this area, what mud weights have we used?

A good engineer knows how to ask herself these kinds of questions before she starts making design decisions. While analyzing, she is making notes which she will reuse at later stages, as a quick lookup to historic events or as evidence for design decisions.

The Pro Well Plan platform allows well planners to conduct more in-depth analyses of offset wells than ever before, in a shorter time, and when you analyze historical data, you generate valuable experiences that are easy to share with your team.

A good offset review covers mandatory requirements, reduces risk, saves time in planning, and improves performance. By exploring previous well designs and experiences, you can paint a clear picture of challenges and hazards early on in the project. Then you can pin-point your efforts where it is needed the most in the planning process.

With our workflow and data availability, you can in a few hours document everything needed for the planning process. Then you will not have surprises later in the planning and can plan optimized well designs from day one.

In fact, operators have already significantly reduced the time spent on well planning by more than two weeks, and the results from the offset reviews have boosted technology development and adaption of best practices across organizations and teams.

(Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay)

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