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Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Posted 06.01.2018 08:49 by Magnus Tvedt

Pro Well Plan would like to thank BTO, the best startup incubator in Norway, for awarding us the Entrepeneur of the Year prize for 2017. Read more

Design a Well by Clicking the Map

Posted 09.12.2017 18:58 by Magnus Tvedt

Curious about new workflows for well planning? How can data science work for you in evaluating wells? Read more

Rig Company - The Digital Transformation

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Imagine a meeting where you present well plans. When the customer asks for alternatives, you flip through well designs and show the pros and cons for the different options.

Then you turn to the manager and show impressive cost reductions and a detailed operational plan for every step.


On our path to where we are today we have met so many enthusiastic and creative experts and managers. You have invested in us to build on your experience, and grow to new heights.


That’s why we say we are standing on the shoulders of giants.

our product

early phase well planner

Take back engineering with the Early Phase Well Planner.

Pick a location and design a well in minutes. Machine learning and real data speed up the process.

Let your creativity browse through technologies like multi laterals, slim well designs or different rigs with the click of a button.

Check the risk matrix, and forward cost and time estimates. Detailed well plans are always available, tracking your decisions and changes over time.

Big picture

Choose concepts, measure the impact


Design ready-to-drill wells in seconds

Depth to Time

Design the well as you want it, get project plan


Risk matrix, time / cost and operational schematics


Steel, fluids, rocks and pressures


Choose the best rig for the well or vice versa


The Team

Pro Well Plan AS is based in Bergen, Oslo and
Nicholas Mowatt Larssen
CTO Nicholas Mowatt Larssen nimola@prowellplan.com +47 911 36 842
Cathrine Tangerås Eide
Project Manager Cathrine Tangerås Eide cathrine.eide@prowellplan.com +47 476 57 064
Khushal Adlakha
Data Scientist Khushal Adlakha khushal.adlakha@prowellplan.com +47 968 29 582
Eirik Lyngvi
Software Developer Eirik Lyngvi eirik.lyngvi@prowellplan.com +47 905 51 983

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