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5 min review of ConocoPhillips well 25/7-7 in the North Sea

Posted 05.09.2019 13:15 by Magnus Tvedt

High pressure and high temperature seems to cause sloooow drilling in the really deep abyss. But there are plenty of similar wells to learn from, with stuck incidents. We spent 2 hours to give you this 5 minute review of the ongoing well on NCS. Read more


Posted 29.08.2019 08:47 by Magnus Tvedt

Engineers move around in well-planning projects all the time, with a few easy changes, this can be to the benefit of the company and the engineers learn more. Read more

I just got assigned to this other project

Posted 16.08.2019 06:26 by Magnus Tvedt

Well planning is treated as a luxury, often skimped on due to change of plans and time squeezes. What if we give planners better tools, a structured process, experience transfer and measurable quality indicators? Read more

Lost Opportunities?

Imagine planning a hole in the ground which costs up to and above half a billion NOKs. Feel the pressure? Now, imagine you’ve been given so many requirements and micro kpi’s that you struggle with keeping your head above water and don’t dare to look in the rear view mirror for defaulting assumptions. Enter operations, and new decision makers come in and copy, paste the previous well - because that is how they transfer experiences.

Experience transfer automated and transparent

We analyze drilling logs, real time data and geologic features and serve you the experience from previous wells. Plan your next well with full transparency, sharing insights and studies with colleagues, and work on the details of decision making, combining modern scripting tools with stunning visualizations.

More valuable plans

As plans are disconnected from operations, experience transfer is taking a hit both ways. Even teams sitting in the same room struggle sharing their challenges and results, leading to repeated mistakes and duplicated work.
Start using our software today and save time and money. Engineers and managers love our products as we expand personal skills and company performance.

Stunning new work process

Machine Learning and Data Science

Save Time on well planning, save rig days, or weeks, in operations by learning and applying experiences from all the operations your data cover. Prototype all the scenarios of geology and well designs and integrate seamlessly to other processes.


Don't have time to dig into the details of all your data? The Pro Well Map simplifies experience transfer, presenting drilling hazards, classifying well paths, and do incredibly complex multi-well analysis on your demand. Group your studies and find the most similar wells from your entire data set based on all variables.

Fast and smart searches of well data, discover unknowns

Perform a single- or multi-well offset analyses in seconds

Structure and discover experiences with machine learning

Let Kelly the wellBot explain what you are seeing

Eliminate reports and presentations by sharing views and data

Create a well by clicking the map and go straight to the Pro Well Planner* READ MORE

Pro Well Planner

Create new wells and prototype designs in minutes, control all significant features of well planning and share with stakeholders and other planners. Cover more work in a meeting that you used to do in a work by visually and technically sharing well designs with colleagues, experts and service providers.

Explore and design wells in detail

Build on previous wells when planning a new

Update geology, pressures, trajectories and fluids in meetings

Well data available for all stakeholders, reduce the number of meetings and presentations. READ MORE

All calculations are triggered on changes

Share with colleagues, stakeholders, experts seamlessly

Get started with data science

Our full day, intensive training in cloud services, python coding and data science boost engineers and managers for a digital transition in your company. We let you work on real well data to see how data science give engineers and managers of all experience levels insights they dream of to realize their potential.

Achilles JQS Qualified


The Team

Pro Well Plan AS is based in Bergen, Oslo and
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CEO Magnus Tvedt magnus.tvedt@prowellplan.com
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Project Manager Cathrine Tangerås Eide cathrine.eide@prowellplan.com
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Data Scientist Khushal Adlakha khushal.adlakha@prowellplan.com
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