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Analyse, design and report your well in an intuitive and collaborative platform.

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data availability and well design

Intuitively analyze historic wells, and plan wells in an integrated work process.

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Pro Well Plan offers an easy and effective

well planning platform for you and your team

All your data, integrated

in the Pro Well Plan Platform

  • Integrate all datasets from corporate databases
  • Maximize the use of public data available across the globe
  • Create new workflows on integrated datasets
  • Connect to other applications through our API

A complete workflow

for your team

  • Manage your teams, work together to create professional well designs
  • Share knowledge and experience
  • Iterate as a team and give feedback on well designs. Remote or in a meeting
  • Automate reporting and exceed stakeholder expectations

Pro Well Plan brings teams and stakeholders together

E&P Company
  • Transfer experience
  • Share corporate data
  • Integrate workflows
  • Ease collaboration
Well Engineers
  • Confident team decisions with data
  • Instant results and risk evaluations
  • Automated reporting frees up engineering time
  • Build on colleagues work and reuse previous wells
  • Free up engineering time
  • Add transparency to well planning
  • Ease reporting and control
  • Bring in new technology
Subsurface Engineers
  • Influence throughout project steps
  • Confidently share and track well data
  • Impact the team with your experience
  • See your datasets add value
Digitalization Team
  • Shared subsurface and drilling data
  • Collaborative data improvements
  • Integrate data into well planning workflow
  • Seamlessly connect by open API’s
  • Be included in concept decisions and details
  • Collaborate on common data and experiences
  • Transparent and real time communication
  • Perform independent analysis on shared data

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